Humble, Pray, Seek, and Turn

April 19 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Chronicles 7:12-15

It’s our responsibility as a child of God. We are not doctors, scientist, or anyone else that has book smarts. But we are now hearing that we are to stay home unless we are essentials. We as the children of God have access to one that is far beyond anything that is happening today.

Just a few years ago when the war was going on in WWII many of church going people would go into their altars and pray. They would pray for God’s mercy, strength and safety during those times. People were frightened and they knew where to turn in their time of fear. We should be doing the same at this time, seeking Gods face.

Once you’re saved, born again, then you become a “people” that have been called by His name.

Now the Pharisees walked around with bright clothes with bells and carried themselves with high noses. They were not humble with God or others. We are nothing when we stand before God. We are to judge ourselves and do some soul searching. Be like David and ask God to search your heart and ask God to purge the unclean things. Humble yourselves under God.

A lot that we are going to have to do in America. Stop worrying what your going to say or do and ask God to control you. Strip yourselves from all unrighteousness.

Once you do the first part of humbling yourself, then you can begin the second step of praying. Too many people trying to ride the fence. They want to skip the first step and go straight to the prayer. A prayer should be prayed until God answers. Why should we pray? Because we are His children and He is our Father. In order to be a child of God you must be born of Him.

Daniel prayed 3 times a day, every morning, every noon, and every evening. He would open his windows towards Jerusalem and would pray. If we would seek His face, He will answer. So, how often are you seeking Gods face? How many of the children of God are truly broken hearted? God is trying to get your attention, get and build your altar. How long has it been since you’ve been to your altar or even had your altar. The altar is not for decoration, not for show. Some of the best altars have been at the bottom of an old tree, at the base of a large stone. Is God your help in your very time of need? Where do you think your pastor gets his help? When you call your pastor for help, where did he get that help for you?

In this scripture we see that these that were told to turn from their wicked way where the children of God. They were once held under captivity but God saved them and promised them great victory and blessings. If we are saved, born again then we are also the children of God. He has brought us our of bondage thru salvation. Forgiveness of sins is not done by paying a tithe.

The doctors and scientist are doing everything they can do right now. Are we as Gods children? The best thing you can do is to pray. No one else can do your praying. You must do it yourself. The Bible teaches that what we as Gods people should go to Him. How many of you are like the little woman with an issue of blood? Done everything you could, spent all of your money, went to all of the doctors, and yet still have a concerning problem? We have the power in the name of Jesus if we meet the 4 criteria’s. Paul was persuaded that NOTHING could separate you from the love of God, for the exception of sin. Sin causes a great gulf between God and His people.

The little woman made her way to Jesus. No matter how she got there, she made her way to Him. It doesn’t matter how you get to Jesus, just get to Him. Her faith was that if she could just touch Him, it would heal her. She simply touched a thread of his robe and He knew that she had. He told the crowd that her faith had made her whole. Where is your faith?

During WWII people prayed for their loved ones to be protected, bring them home safe. Now ther were some that didn’t come home. That doesn’t mean that God didn’t do what was asked. We live in a country that says we were formed under God but we certainly don’t act like it. Get back to God! Do the 4 steps that He has commanded. Humble, Pray, Seek, and Turn from your sinful way.