How Were You Saved?

March 27 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: John 1:11-14

The majority of people will die lost heading straight to Hell. The scripture tells us that broad is the way to Hell and narrow is the path to Heaven. Those that have attended the Sunday evening service made a choice to attend because they have God first in their hearts instead of other things. The power of God is no different than in biblical times. If right now is the first time you’ve heard this within your heart, then it’s time to be saved.

Just because your parents are saved doesn’t mean that you are also. Just because your family is saved doesn’t mean you’re getting into Heaven. One get’s into Heaven because they made a choice to believe in Christ and answered His invitation. It’s not of one’s heritage or lineage.

One can’t be saved just because they want to be. You can’t simply turn over a new leaf. The flesh does not want to be saved. The flesh does not desire God, but the lust of the world.

One also can’t be saved just because a person said you were. A person’s words can’t save a person. The greatest of preachers can’t save a person. It is a personal belief.

The only way a person can be born again is when God knocks on your heart and invites you. God must convict you, showing you as a lost person, then invite you into His salvation. If you accept Him at that point and ask for forgiveness, He is sure to save your soul.

So, how were you saved?