How to Overcome Evil

August 19 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 12:9-21

Anyone can look around and see that there is evil everywhere. In this scripture we see evil mentioned several times. In just a few seconds, evil can take down anything but only if it’s allowed. Evil does not have a force to overcome a Christian. A Christian shouldn’t fear evil because it doesn’t have the power to do so. You do realize that you will not die until God says He’s ready?

In the 21st verse we see the writer make a state that we are not only to put the walls up against evil but to use the Holy Spirit and work against evil. We can agree with this statement all day but saying is different than doing. A lot of us if we are faced with evil we are quick to get an attitude and start slinging fists. Jesus said multiple times to love those that don’t love you.

  1. Start by thinking good.
    When something happens that‘s bad or evil, what’s the first thing to happen, your thoughts. We seem to forget what Jesus said about it.
    Phil 4:8 – We have to teach ourselves to think on those good things. We must discipline ourselves to think the good. If not, it could cost you.
  2. Respond with good.
    Romans 12:14-20 – This is how respond to those that do evil to you. The motivation is not to see vengeance or someone’s head burn. If that is what motivates you then you need to go back to step one.

We see in the story of Jesus when He was praying in the garden. We see Judas come and betray Jesus with his kiss. Jesus then referred to Judas as, friend. Peter then with anger cut off a Roman soldiers ear. Jesus then healed the soldier by putting his ear back on! The enemy came, evil came to take Jesus away and yet we see Jesus still loving them.