How Much More Valuable You Are Than the Things of the World

October 16 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 12:22-32; 6-7

God has created a beautiful place that we live in. The land and the animals we live amongst. He created these things without toil. Take the time to look around and give wonder and awe to these things. Be careful though about what we give praise to. God created these things and these things should reflect Him. There are things we’ve witnessed in our lives that we’ve tried to remember by a photograph or a video. Yet these things were all created by God. The sun, as bright and as large as it is was created by God Himself. While we are amazed by these things God looks at these things lower than anyone of us. God will destroy His creation, all of it. He will burn it all up with fervent heat. He will however save humankind because He loves us. Humans did not evolve from a monkey but were created by Himself using His own breath.

We should not worry about what we are to wear or eat. Has anyone ever seen a bird clear land, plant a seed, and then wait for it to grow just to eat? The birds do not wonder where their next meal is going to come from. If God cares for the birds why wouldn’t you think He would care for you? He’s done things for us as humans more than the birds. It’s not just a Christian that might worry about stuff but everyone alive. He put something in a human that He didn’t place in an animal. We are not the same as them. An animal does not have a living soul. God said that He was going to make humans like He was. We are more important than a bird. A bird doesn’t have a savior. Jesus didn’t come to earth for an animal but for the sinner, humans.

God cares for all of His creation because He feeds them all. Think of a single bird and the number of seeds it will eat in a single day. Now think about how many birds there are on earth. Now think about how much they eat daily. Mountains of seeds they eat daily and yet God provides this for them daily. Amazing! Yet, God cares for you MORE than the birds. Look at the back of a turtle and you’ll see that its shell is different than the next. Look at ourselves and what makes us up. There isn’t a single person that is the same as the next. Even identical twins are different in their DNA. He created us uniquely and there is nothing like us. We are more important than the birds or the flowers. He knows how many hairs that are on our heads. Some heads are easier to count the hairs than others yet we give no care to the number of hairs. God knows the exact number even though we lose and gain hairs all day long.

Some give no regard to Him for what He has done for you. You simply don’t care. He did for you because you are more important to Him than His own creation. What He did for you He will not overlook at your death. If you reject His life then you will forever be in Hell at your death. God created you with a different purpose.

There are some religions out there that believe that when a person dies their soul will be moved to something else, a cow, dog, chicken, goat, etc. This is referred to as being reincarnated. This is not biblical and can’t be found at all in the scriptures. Jesus, Himself said that to be absent from this life is to be present with God. We already know that humans are more important than an animal.