He Has Heard Your Prayer

June 26 2022
Series: Misc Sermons
They say patience is a virtue. Patience is something that is learned from experience. The hope that we have is something we often had to wait for. There are times that we are spoilt and God answers our prayers immediately. If God answered all of our prayers exactly as we asked then God would become our genie in a bottle.
We should be praying and praying without ceasing and praying always. If it were not for the hope and faith in Jesus Christ we all would have given up. We can not do anything without God. We do not have the smarts to get through this life without God. We do not need more of the world but more of God. God has never left us and He never will.
In this scripture, David had been under great pressure and we see that he stated that he waited upon the Lord. Without God, he would have surely fainted. There are times that the waiting is the most difficult. Praying for a lost person’s soul to be saved. We know this is something that God wants as well, but the waiting for salvation is great. If we are going to wait on anything we should be waiting on God. At this time, people can’t wait for anything. We’ve been trained by the changes of technology that we’ve been trained NOT to wait. People used to have to walk to church. They didn’t complain, in fact, they looked forward to it.
Patience doesn’t come from a book it’s something that must be learned by life experiences. Some have been given a doctor prognosis that appeared grim but instead of giving up, you trusted in God. God can be trusted because His goodness never fails.
So what happens when we wait on God? Let us look at Psalm 40:1; first a foremost when you wait patiently He will turn His ear to you and hear you. That MUST sustain you. It’s good to know that He heard you. There are times when you will be weak in faith. You will find yourself in the valley where doubt will begin to grow but understand that when you wait patiently on God He will hear your prayer. When you are patiently waiting the hardest thing to battle is whether God heard you or not. The truth is, He DID hear you. The problem is not God but the sins that separate you from Him.
Psalm 40:2; When He hears your cry He can help you. He will rescue you, pulling you out of that horrible pit, and miry clay. Not only does He helps you out of the horrible situation and removes you from the mind games of the clay, but He will set your feet on a solid foundation. A foundation that doesn’t move around. The battle isn’t won when you get your answer, it’s when you know He heard your prayer.
Psalm 40:3-5; There will be times when you will be unable to tell someone everything is alright. Be of good cheer, if you incline your heart to God then He will incline His ear to you and will lift you up and establish your feet. Not only will He pick you up but He will give you a new song of Hope. A Hope that others can and will see pointing them to trust in God as well.