September 19 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Having A Deaf Ear

Bible Passage: Genesis 9:8-17

We live in a time just like the day of Noah. Noah went around for hundreds of years trying to warn the people that a time was coming to a great judgment. Many preachers, men of God have warned people for years that Jesus is coming back and yet they turn a deaf ear to the warning.

The day that salvation took place there was a covenant that took place that He would never break. It’s an agreement that we would live for Him and thus He would save us from a devil’s Hell.

A promise that God made to Noah and the rest of us was that He would not destroy the earth by flood again. However, He did say that the next time it’s destroyed it would be by fire.

The doors of churches are closing all over the place. The devil simply loves it. The times we are in show us that iniquity abounds and the love of God is waxing cold. People today don’t want Jesus anymore. Who would have thought that they would want to take God out of everything around us? When the day comes that God calls it to a close the lost will run to the mountains and ask the rocks to hide them from God. One can’t hide from God except under the blood of Christ.