Good Tidings & Great Joy

December 19 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Luke 2:1-21

In the book of Isaiah, he wrote about Jesus Christ being born. This was several hundred years before Christ would be born. He followed what God had told him to do and he documented it as such. In this reading of today, we see it also written for us to read about Luke’s learning. God’s word was coming true before their very eyes and it continues still today.

Jesus Christ is for everyone no matter their rank in society. We see that the shepherds the lowliest of society was first invited and then we see that the smartest of society, the Wise Men were also invited to glorify Jesus Christ. Christ is for all and not for just a few.

Jesus was tempted just as we are by Satan but He never fell to his temptations. We read that Christ fasted for 40 days and nights and Satan tempted Him to turn a rock into bread. Jesus explained to Satan that we do not live by bread alone but by God’s Word.

God Himself sent an angel to declare that Christ was to take away the sins of the people. Sin was placed as a curse on the people back with Adam and Eve. It wasn’t because they ate the fruit, it was because they disobeyed God’s word. From that point on death was pronounced on them from that point on. There is only one way to escape Hell and that is to believe in God’s only son, Jesus Christ.

The Christmas season is a wonderful time of good tidings and great joy. It’s no wonder that we see and hear many plays and programs being put on demonstrating the birth of Christ. What a wonderful story to continue to tell. Be as the shepherds and continue to tell the world about the Savior of the world that’s come to set anyone and everyone free.