God’s Got a Way

January 19, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Psalm 37:1-13

There is a world that will tell you that you can’t be together due to sickness. However, the fellowship of the brethren is needed because we share in those things that are troubling. We attend church not because we have to be but because we want to be. There are many different stories in the bible that people were in bondage yet God always made a way of escape. He told men to go and to do something that many, including the one that God told, would think was crazy. God had them and led them to do what He wanted them to do. No matter what came against them, God was for them. In our time it’s just the same. How many times does God tell you to do something and you think it’s crazy? Then once you come to your senses and just do what He told you to do, He’ll lead, help, and protect you from the enemy.

There is too much that a person of God has to do to just lay it down. God will always go before you to clear the path. Have faith and follow God. Once the help comes the peace will follow and it’ll be a peace that surpasses all understandings. When you think there is no hope at all, just give it to God. Once you turn it over to Him the peace will come.

In the scripture, it clearly states not to worry about the evildoers. Don’t worry about anything, let God. We know that the world will become more and more wicked as it turns. Don’t worry about the wicked and turn your face upon the Lord for your peace during this time. The world says that God can’t be preached and His followers need to hush up. But God has other plans. He can’t be shut up. His word will continue to go out no matter if the church doors are closed or His followers are jailed into prisons. Daniel was told to stop praying to God. He didn’t stop, in-fact he prayed more and more loudly. They threw him in prison yet that still didn’t stop him. They then thought they’d just kill him so they threw him into a den of lions. The lion’s mouths were just by God and Daniel lived to preach God’s word. No one can snuff out God’s word.

Look at the world in which we live. Everyone is scared to death of just about anything yet we are not afraid of God. The God of everything controls everything that created everything. We ought to have a fear of God. Fear not of being scared but fear of reverence of knowing that He controls our very breath.