April 3 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Matthew 1:18-23

The scoffers will not deny that there was a man named Jesus. They will usually not deny the things that He did. What they do deny is the fact that He was God. Jesus was born of a virgin and was done so to die for our sins. The animal sacrifices could never remove the sins of the people. A pure, sinless human had to be sacrificed for the world’s sins. The word was made flesh and dwelt among us. Colossians 1:15-19

A Christian’s encouragement is that Christ was man and God.

The first thing is that a male baby was born to a woman. He wasn’t an angel but a human. We also know that He was born of a virgin woman and the only way this was possible was by God. This is a miraculous happening. When He was born angels declared His birth. Nowhere else in history do we see that angels declared another’s birth.

The next event was when this boy was about twelve years old. Being a boy he was doing something that boys do. He was with the doctors and the lawyers and teaching them.

At the age of about 30 years old, he came to John the Baptist and wanted to be baptized. John baptized Jesus as a man and the heavens opened up and a dove came down and lit on him. The heavens then boomed with a voice, God declaring that Jesus was His son.

Next, we see a man preaching in a packed house. Suddenly the roof was being ripped apart by several people and lowered a man down to this preacher. This preacher was a man. This preacher man touched the man that was lowered and God did the healing. He healed the man of his palsy and also saved him.

We also see a hungry person. Just as us when we don’t eat, we get hungry. Jesus was 100% man, yet He was also God. He walked to a fig tree expecting to eat from the tree. The tree wasn’t bearing any figs and he cursed the tree. Once they walked back by it from leaving the city the tree was withered and dead.

One evening he was in a boat and was tired. This man was exhausted just as we get. He laid his head upon a pillow and a great storm began to rage outside. The others came down and woke him up in fear. The man went outside and he spoke and the storm ceased.

This man walked everywhere he went. He came as a man and was bound to earth as a man. Unknown by others a little woman made her way to him in a large crowd and touched his garment. God came out of him and healed her.

He had great compassion for people like other people do. He saw that while preaching to hundreds of people they were hungry. He wanted to feed them but no one had enough food to feed this multitude. He took just a few fish and some bread, blessed it, and told everyone to eat. They then gathered the leftovers and had more than they started with.

This man did something offensive to another man by spitting on his eyes. The man with this God spit on him was a blind man.

He was an unselfish leader. He took a bunch of men up a mountain and began to transfigure in front of them. He changed and began to glow, shine and float in the air.

We also see him as a grieving person. He sat outside of a tomb and cried because his friend had died. He loved this friend and told them to remove the stone from his tomb. He then called his friend by name and his friend walked out of the tomb.

Everything that he did with his man’s flesh was something else, God. Everything that he experienced in the flesh we also have experienced.

A man being wiped at a post with a cat of nine tails. The flesh was ripped from his body. A crown of thorns was forced on his head puncturing his skull. A man that was forced to carry his cross to his death all while being spat on and scorned. A man that was nailed to a cross and his side punctured open. A man that hung between two thieves being sinless until his death. One thief mocked him while the other saw he was more than just a man. A man that died upon his cross was taken down and wrapped in his grave clothes and placed in a tomb that was borrowed. They buried the flesh, the man in that tomb. He was the God-man and he told them that he was raised again in three days.

The only way to take the sins of the world was for a person to do it. Therefore a human had to take the place of the sin to become the sacrifice. With Jesus, one can’t see where the man ends and God begins. Jesus prayed in such agony that his sweat became great drops of blood. This is a suffering man and yet we find that after he prayed this prayer that an angel came from Heaven and strengthened him. This man was named Emmanuel by God because He was, God with us.