God Is Still In Control!

September 25, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Psalm 121:1-8

God created everything we see. He placed Earth in such a place that life could be created to survive. The things we have in this world quickly fall away. The car that was once new becomes old and becomes rust. Even our own lives once new quickly fade away become old and then die. God never gets old. God never goes away. God is always there.

If you’ve been saved you are placed on an unmovable rock that will never fail. The unsaved person lives on sand that moves all the time and is always unstable. A Christian’s hope is in God that is still in control.

God is our keeper. He’s our shepherd that watches over us at all times. A drug addict never woke up and decided to be addicted to drugs. The devil comes at them slowly and redirects their path slowly and before they realize it they’ve gone into a state of addiction. God will keep you when you can’t keep yourself. He is your help in the trouble. God is always watching over you. The best security camera can’t capture everything at all times. There will come a time when that camera will fail for whatever reason. God on the other hand is the ultimate security regardless of the time of day or night.

Being persuaded means that you’ve gotten used to something always happening. One can be persuaded that their car will start because it’s started each time you wanted it to. Being persuaded in having food is because any time you needed it, it was there. Time and time again God has shown us that He loves us and He is still in control. We should be persuaded that He will never fail us no matter what. However, when we flip on the TV and watch just a little bit of the news we begin to worry that God has lost control.

God knows we are human, He created us. We mess things up all the time because we think we can do it without God. Let go of the things that do not matter. That football game that you get all worked up about doesn’t matter whether your team wins or loses. We as Christians should be showing our family and friends what matters at all times.