Give It All

November 9, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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There is only one way that you can be saved and that is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. This is the most important thing.

In this reading, we see a man named Ornan. He gave everything, he gave it all. In our life isn’t it hard to give it all for God? We don’t trust God with our life. Yet, God controls everything and it’s ALL good, but we don’t trust Him. We should be willing to say to God to take it all, everything to live for Him. We shouldn’t have to repent to witness to someone. We shouldn’t have to ask God to forgive us before we come to church for worship. The church house is convenient. Is it convenient to witness to someone? Is it convenient to drive to a long-distance church just to pray? There are things more important to us than God. Most don’t even attend church on Sunday nights or Wednesday nights. Sunday morning service is all they need to live on throughout the week. How many minutes do you watch TV in any given week? Do you give God that long of your time? Your full attention like you do the TV? How much of your time do you give God?

We’ve read of a little widow lady who during a drought she was asked to bake a cake for a visitor & herself. She gave all she had for the man. All the while knowing it was all she had for her and her son. Her obedience gained her unending flour and oil.

Another lady gave all she had which was just two mites. No one told her to do this, yet she did it anyway. She was blessed beyond blessed for her obedience.

We should be giving everything we have to our Savior. You alone have to make that choice to give it all.

Another lady gave the most precious thing she had, an alabaster box that contained precious oils. The people around her got upset at the fact that they thought she wasted it. She did this because she wanted to give her all to her Lord.

The very land that Ornan gave was then transformed into a temple that eventually became King Solomon’s. Are you giving God all of your “land”? What would have happened if Ornan refused to give his all?

It all starts with self. Self has to make that choice to give it all to God.