Get Your Joy Full

April 14 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 84:1-12

Love can’t be purchased. Love can’t be obtained by higher learning at a four year college. We’ve seen preachers, deacons, teachers, and others where they’ve stood and done the Lord’s work and yet be lost.
You should have a testimony that should bring you before God in a great state of awe. There is but one god and He will not be put down. Many want to create their own god just to satisfy their own flesh. There will be no other gods before the one and only God above.
There is nothing that can enhance your life. There are many churches out there today that teach that the more you love God the more you will have. This is incorrect as the Bible plainly shows that the more God you have the less of everything else you will want. You won’t want anything else but God.
Go search out those that don’t deserve anything and give them Jesus. Jesus will never run out of your life. The world will drain you of stuff but it never drain you of Jesus. When you woke up this morning did you ask God to be a blessing to someone? God passed out talent to each person according to their spiritual abilities. You might say, you have no talents. If you’ve been saved, God gave you a or even some talents. Seek after God and ask Him what you are supposed to be doing for Him.