Get Up and Get Dressed

May 5 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Romans 13:10-14

The enemy is not the person but the spiritual that dwells inside. We often lose the battles because we fight them incorrectly. Just as in football there is important equipment one must wear in order to keep one protected. We’ve been told to go and have been empowered to compel the lost to be saved.
We must recognize that the devil is out to kill, steal and destroy. We must see these things in order to not give provision to the devil to work. God is the great creator and if you’ve been saved He lives inside you. As many times as we’ve experienced God and witnessed great things, we should allow Him to work more. 
Wake up! In the prior message, “Don’t Be Ignorant!” it was said that it’s high time to wake up from our sleep. We should recognize that when we look into this world there is nothing looking back at us that is good. Once you are awake there are things that you have to do.
Cast off the things of darkness. Culturally speaking we have a problem with this. Many people never take off their pajamas when they go to a store to shop in the middle of the day. One can’t fight against the devil while not wearing one spiritual armor. One can’t wear two outfits at the same time so likewise, one can’t wear their pajamas and the armor of God at the same time. You’re either fighting or sleeping.
Put on the Light. Once you wake up and get the darkness off put the Light on. The Light is Jesus Christ. If you’re only a Christian on Sunday then you’ve been greatly deceived. Once you’re saved you’re changed. The things you once loved you will hate and what you hated you will then love. God will reveal to you what is sin in your life if you’re saved. If you don’t get rid of that sin through repentance then He will get your attention.
This is a choice that you must make whether you will walk with Christ or walk with the devil. This choice is a daily decision that is made and should be marching with Christ if you’ve been born again. If you think you’ll do what you want to regardless He will punish you if you’re one of His.