Get in the House and Stay in the House

January 12, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: John 9:29-41

There is a lot of people in the world that think that God will excuse their sin at death and He’ll let them into Heaven. God has made a way. In the Old Testaments, we see that God gave them a way in how to deal with their sins. In the New Testaments, we also see that God provided a way in how to deal with our sins.
A lamb was to be set aside and it was to be without blemish. This lamb, if it passed as being pure would be sacrificed. The blood would be placed around the door and death would pass over them. This was the only way to protect the people within the house. No other way would protect the people from certain death.
It’s very concerning that the people that choose to not come back to church stay away. The concern is their salvation and whether or not they’ve ever been saved. The word of God is very clear that we should NOT forsake worshipping together. God’s word doesn’t change. One might say, what about my health? No one knows their health but God and He should still be worshipped.
God didn’t raise one up and save them for them to be a failure. Success is being Born Again. In Exodus, we see that the people were let free and they never went back to captivity unless they chose to. Exodus 12
There is but only one sacrifice to remove all sins from the world and that is believing in Jesus Christ unto salvation. Just as the lamb sacrifice protected the people within the house, Jesus’ blood protects all of those that are saved under His house. No other animal but a lamb could be used to protect them that day. Just as then, Jesus Christ took the place of that lamb and He is the only way to be saved.