From Weeping to the Wedding

April 25 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 30:5

There might be times when our journey will be unknown. We don’t know the end and where we are going but, joy comes in the journey.
Believe God and believe what the bible says. In the life of Abraham God told him to make a sacrifice and he was to sacrifice his son. Abraham did exactly what God told him to do and took his son for a sacrifice. He didn’t know how his journey was going to turn out.
In Ruth, we see that our times were about the same as we see in Ruth. Everything is okay as long as you don’t tell someone what to do. Just live as you wish and everything will be okay. People will say today that we can’t worship God like we used to because of the time we live. This is a lie from the devil because God hasn’t changed a second, we have. 
Each chapter in Ruth is split up into 4 categories.
  • Weeping
  • Working
  • Wooing
  • Wedding
In the first chapter of Ruth it was a sad time. Elimelech took his family from an alright place to a place of sadness, then he died. There was no offspring from his family and his sons died as well. This left Naomi, Elimelech’s wife, and her two daughters-in-law. A messenger came and told Naomi that the famine was over so she decided that it was time to go back home. 
In chapter two Ruth went to work. Just as Ruth worked we need to get to work but in a spiritual way. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets or how rough the journey, God will never leave you. Boaz saw her picking up after the reapers in the field and he told his reapers to purposely leave wheat behind for her. Just as Naomi & Ruth, don’t give up and just keep on keeping on.
Chapter three is the time of wooing. Naomi knew what the culture was and the traditions of her people were. In our time we have some elders that also know due to their upbringing in the scriptures that can and should be giving Godly counsel to the younger generations. Ruth wanted a husband and the first thing she needed to do was to get clean. In our lives, we want to walk into the church and think that God owes us something. We don’t want to prepare ourselves and clean up as a holy example to God. Years ago the church services were different because the people were different. They were different because they prepared themselves prior to the meeting by going to their prayer closets, altars at home or in the woods. When we come into the church we should come prepared for worship BEFORE we walk in. Naomi instructed Ruth to go to Boaz and ask him to redeem her and he granted her wishes. He granted her wishes not slightly but fully and beyond.
In chapter four we see a property exchange. Boaz had a name in the Bible and represented Jesus’ story, while the other kinsmen were simply the law. 
Boaz and Ruth married and God placed her in the lineage of a king (David) and furthermore Jesus. God has promised a wedding with his bride and His bride is all the Christians.