For a Cause

December 23, 2020

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:12-17

We should be grateful for those things that can’t be changed. The earthly things of this world will soon pass away, here today – gone tomorrow. However, the promises of God are things that will never go away.
There has never been a time where we have done anything. Most think that with their own selves has enabled them to do great things. If it was not for God then that ability would not be able. God has enabled.
God could have easily called us a blasphemer, but He doesn’t. If you’ve been born again He calls you faithful, loved.
Now God didn’t have to love us and count us as His but He did. His grace is abundant with faith and love which is in Jesus Christ. He extends His grace not because we deserve it but because He wants to forgive. The saved deserved death but God gave us His grace.
The saved were saved for a cause. There are some that get saved and sit and do nothing with their salvation. In the life of David we know the story of him and Goliath. There were others that were saved in that time but God had a plan for David. The others that were there could have done something but didn’t. For Gods cause David fought Goliath. He saved you for a cause, make sure you’re listen and working for Christ.