June 20 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 John 1:1-4

We are in a time in which other churches are taking the word of God and changing it and manipulating it in such a way that it waters it down just to bring in followers. 

Fellowship with the Father

We should have fellowship with the Father. What is fellowship? We have a place called a Fellowship Hall and it’s a place in which we gather to talk, mingle, and eat at a joining together. Before one has fellowship with the church or one another one must have fellowship with God first. How many have broken fellowship with God, and if you’ve fallen away from that fellowship then your fellowship with others also fails. If you’re not right with God then you’ll not want to attend church. The greatest in the Christian life is having fellowship with God. There ought to be a desire to hunger after the fellowship of God. If one excuses themselves from the fellowship from God then your prayer life is lacking as well. 

Fellowship with Others

You can’t say you love God if you don’t love one another. If you have a problem with someone you need to work it out with them. Fellowship in church attendance is also necessary. 

  • Altar of Prayer

Praying is also a fellowship with others. Altar prayer is something that is done together as one. Every one of the Christian faith can pray and it’s the greatest force we have with God. 

  • Congregational Singing 

Singing is also a form of fellowship. The way you sing is not what makes a difference. We should all be making a joyful noise for God. Yes, some sing better than others but it doesn’t matter. Singing is something we all do together as one as a fellowship.

  • Reading of the Word of God

This is something that is also fellowship. We should hunger for the word of God to want to hear God speak to us. What great truth God speaks when we hear Him speak.

Full of Joy

Every book in the bible that you turn to and read, brings forth a relationship with God, then to others. If this is then followed then such a joy it brings. It’s sad to look around and see others going through hard things. Life is hard. This is just a part of life but there are so many that out there in sin when they don’t have to be. If we would just allow our fellowship with God to come first then the rest will just fall into place and our joy would be full. To live in a half heart relationship type of way with God. As a reminder, joy is not circumstantial. It’s doesn’t matter if someone likes you over someone else, or if the stock market is doing well.