December 9, 2020

Series: Misc Sermons

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There is about 6 different types of faith covered in the Bible. We will cover 3 of those 6.
Saving Faith
Without being born again, you will never have faith. Our faith will waver back and forth because we are human but saving faith is trusting in Christ alone for salvation. There are many types of religions and beliefs but there is nothing but Jesus. Without Jesus then there is nothing else.
Justifying Faith
We often get caught up in the world. Not a single person can be profitable while living in sin. A lost person has no justification for faith. A saved person is justified by faith because Jesus justified us thru our faith. We are not justified by anything we do or have but by our faith in Jesus Christ.
Daily Faith
Knowing that we can’t but He can. Hebrews 11:7; Noah preached for almost 200 years thru his faith in God. God told him to prepare an ark because He was going to flood the world. It had never rained a single day prior to that and Noah and his faith obeyed. What can you do for Jesus? Stand. When you feel you can’t do anything, sing for Jesus. Pray to the one with all the answers and continue to pray without ceasing. We see in this scripture that God warned Noah of the pending doom. Just in this time God has sent His warning that He will end this thing soon. We are to be like Noah and preach and warn the others that they can be saved. The ark was covered with pitch to protect it from the elements. Just as Jesus does when we are saved, He’s the propitiation and protects/covers us from the sins and keeps our souls safe for eternity.