Faint Not, Press Forward

July 29 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 4:1; 15-18

There’s times when we don’t know what to do so we begin to fear and doubt. Each and every day we know that the flesh is getting older, dying. The one thing that a Christian has is a future. One could take everything in the world away from a Christian and yet, they will still have a bright future. A Christian shouldn’t dwell on things that they know that can’t control. Once one begins to dwell on those things then they will begin to doubt and start to fear.

One step of a Christian is to stop living Sunday to Sunday on your prayer life. Once should be intimate with God within their prayer life. A lot of the times our pride take the prayer life away. We think we can handle it all. Take a spiritual inventory, on a scale from 1-10 how close are you to God? Don’t use your neighbor as a starting point. How many times does God start with you, not someone else?

Some preach that if you’re having problems in life then you’re not saved or they’ve sinned. That’s a false doctrine. Bad stuff happens to everyone regardless of their salvation or how close they are to God. A persons afflictions is usually measured in the eyes of the flesh. The flesh will see what a downer it is but if they are seen by faith, they are just temporary. God will never fail His own and will always be there in the very time of need. What you go thru on this earth is nothing compared to the Glory we will have in Heaven.

So what are you focusing on? Are you looking at the things that you can see? Stop looking at the temporal things. Those things we see with our earthly eyes are very short lived. You realize you have just as many good times as you do bad. God never said we would never be sad or always be happy.

So we all have a ministry. We are to be the salt and the light of the world. Don’t loose heart or shrink away from your ministry. The devil will tell you that if you take the back seat then you won’t have to work. That’s a lie because you’ll be miserable.

A lost person has a great downer when it comes to the scale of temporary and eternal. Their eternal life is worse than what they will ever experience here in this world. There is not a single persons that can promise good forever and that’s because it’s not true.

Effect people for Jesus Christ. Don’t loose the heart of Christ. Don’t sit down because you will backslide. The hard stuff will come, but God will never leave. The best is yet to come for a Christian.