Failing To Pray

June 9, 2024

Series: Misc Sermons

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If Jesus needed to pray, wouldn’t it seem more important for us to pray? He has given us the greatest treasure ever and that is to pray. All we must do is humble ourselves and He would hear us when we speak to Him.

If prayer isn’t changing you then why pray? We all need to get to the place where we pray without ceasing. If your prayers are only one-way, you praying yet no one is calling back, then you’re missing the mark. 

When should you pray?
We don’t yield to our neighbors and tell them about Christ. We don’t attend church yet when we do we are just there and not engaged. God has proven His love for us over and over again. Just to know that if we’ve been saved we are going to be with Him at the end of our life, is enough love.

  • When you don’t feel like praying, pray. 
  • When you’re mad at God, pray.
  • When you’re distressed, pray. 
  • When you feel like God is 1000 miles away, pray. 
  • What will you do when they outlaw prayer? Pray! 
  • When your enemy is larger than you, pray. 
  • When your heart is broken or seems too broken, pray. 
  • When your life is in danger, pray. This is easy because we are selfish. 
  • When you feel like God has deceived you, pray.
  • When your enemy has you surrounded, pray.