Example, Encouragement, Look, Linger, and Experience

October 17 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Joshua had a boldness and he wasn’t afraid or scared. This courage that he had was something that he mustered up but was given by God. Joshua saw the Red Sea part and other great miracles of God. When the cloud appeared in front of Moses, the other people ran away from it while Moses moved toward it, Joshua witnessed. In this time we need people of God that has courage about them that they stand their ground. The people need someone to look upon.

Moses went up on the mountain. Joshua was with him as they went. When the cloud came down and Moses went into it, Joshua witnessed this event. God knew that Joshua was going to take the place of Moses all along and allowed him to witness these great events. We should also as leaders of the church, teachers, etc. to show others a witness of God. Every time you preach and teach you are taking them into the Holy place where you have been. Every time you take a shout for the Lord you are leaving a witness to others walking up behind you.

Exodus 17
If there is ever been a day where the men of God need to be encouraged it’s today. Encourage other Christians and lift them up. Take them to the Holy places with you.

Exodus 33
Joshua would stay behind and wait when Moses would leave the tabernacle. A lot of people when the service gets good they will walk out of the church. Stick around, bask in the glory of God instead of running from Him.

Joshua had witnessed all these great things but God was about to call him out. This wasn’t Moses encouraging him but God Himself. Everything that Joshua had seen and encouraged was fixing to help him. As a child of God, every experience that you have in your life is to build you and encourage you to have courage and boldness for Christ’s sake. When the great “I Am” starts giving “I Wills”, you can take it to the bank.