Egypt In Your Heart

February 13, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Exodus 14:10-14

God, not Moses led the people out of Egypt. Moses didn’t do the miracles, God did. Even though God led them out of the slavery of Egypt, the people wanted to go back. Spiritually when you see the place Egypt it is referring to the world, lost. Being saved means you have been brought out of Egypt (lost) and into Canaan (saved). Here is what God did.

He performed 10 plagues to prove that He was God that only the Egyptians received and the people of Israel did not. The great Passover where God delivered those that followed His directions.

No matter what we do, as long as we are in the flesh we will always struggle with the “Egypt” in our lives. If we live to be 100 years old, we will struggle to try to keep the world out of our lives.

God led them around the edge of the wilderness. This was to teach them and help them to trust and follow God, not Egypt. God placed them in a situation where they felt there was no way out causing them to look up and place all of their faith in Him.

He led them to a sea where they knew they could not cross, then the enemy began gaining ground behind them. The people had so much Egypt within them they still couldn’t see God leading them.

God sent a cloud to lead them during the day that sheltered them from the hot sun. At night he sent a pillar of fire that gave them light and warmth for the night. He was there in the day and there at night helping and protecting them. He was trying to get the “Egypt” out of them.

When they came to the sea they just wanted to give up and go back to Egypt. Many persons have made a claim that they’ve been saved yet go back to Egypt. The reason they go back is that they were never saved, to begin with. If you don’t get out of Egypt it will never get out of you.

The greatest “Egypt” that anyone has is fear. God was always there in the morning and the night, every time they came to a “wall” He was there to take them over it, yet they still couldn’t see His faithfulness. How many times does the Bible say, do not fear? God says it over and over again throughout the Bible.

At the sea when they thought all had failed, God told them to not be afraid. God switched places with the cloud and placed it behind them between the enemy and them. He told them to simply standstill, it wasn’t their fight but God’s. Just in our life, it’s not us getting to Heaven it’s God taking us there. He’s brought us out of Egypt and we need to be crucifying our flesh at all times.

A lot of people make the claim they are saved yet they don’t walk or talk right. How many at any time or at any point did God fail you? Has He ever failed anyone that you’ve ever known? If God is for you then who can be against you?

Fear is the by-product of something worse, doubt. You’ll never really deal with your fear until you get rid of your doubt. These things expose your lack of faith in God. If God will lead you somewhere He will lead you out. He has never led you somewhere and just forgot about you.

For the Israelites they were led across the sea on dry ground, DRY ground. They made it to the other side safely and yet once they were safe, they began to complain they were hungry. Once again, they wanted to go back to Egypt. God brought them to hunger and then He dealt with it. God sent them quail, manna, and fire by night, and a cloud of protection in the day. Then after all of these things they began complaining they were thirsty, and again they wanted to go back to their slavery. Once again God provided their water simply by smacking a rock with a stick. God made the water flow from a rock to water everyone and everything. They then came to a mountain and were told to not pass through it. Moses was sent to the mountain and just as soon as he was gone the Israelites gave up. They made themselves a golden cow and began to worship this idol claiming that it was the thing that brought them out of Egypt. Just in our lives, we will worship just about anything instead of God that does everything for us. Then once they got right to a certain place they saw an obstacle. There were giants in this place and they felt they couldn’t make it through to the other side. As in our lives, we have things to come up in our lives and they seem to be huge. We don’t see that God is bigger than those obstacles. What did God do to them? God had made a promise to them but due to their lack of faith in Him, He made them all wonder around in the wilderness for 40 years until all of them had died. None of them (the unbelievers) ever made it into the promised land. Only the believers made it into the promised land of God.

How much of Egypt still lives in you? It needs to be purged from you. As you grow in the Lord you should get stronger, better, Egypt should become less and less in your life. Yet, there are some that every day they follow Egypt and not God. We should be presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice, Holy acceptable unto the Lord. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.