Doom & Gloom

December 13 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 2 Corinthians 4:1-11

Trust is the action, work that is tied directly to faith.
Is there anyone that doesn’t have any problems? What about being perplexed? Anyone have no problems with being persecuted? Likely everyone has some sort of issues in their lives.
Each and every person has a gift that has been given by God. No there are those that we do not see or know what that gift is yet others we clearly know. Remember, that being a born again believer doesn’t mean that we live on top of the mountain. It means that we know who is in control. Often times Christians lives are spent within the valley, being taught how to grow in Christ. This is because there isn’t anyone that is holy but actually the opposite, fleshly. There isn’t a single person that can get to Heaven on their own. Without Christ, you’re lost.
We are human and often try to complete a task ourselves making sure it perfect in our own eyes. This is the couture in which we live. The enemy will have you to believe that you are responsible for your own self. This is pride and arrogance that’s not learned but is simply there because we are human.
One can feed the poor and house the homeless and claim that you are doing to please God but, without Christ in your life you’ve done it all in vain. Our country lives in it’s pride and conceit and yet we are not in a place where we can say that. Our country is in so much debt and hate that we are lucky to be alive today.
We have NO control, we can not change it. Yes it’s disturbing! However, we must get it into our heads and hearts where our help comes from. There is but only one that is in control and has ever been in control. The problem is not that you are in trouble, it’s that you feel distressed. The reason as to why God put us in flesh is for us to realize and be reminded that we have no strength without Him. He uses the struggles and weaknesses to prove that He is God. We often sing about how we love Jesus yet we truly live a life of distress. One will always have trouble but, God said to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. He gave us peace and gave us hope when there was no hope.
Are you perplexed? Yes, because most all people have no idea what is going on. Does it cause you to also be despaired? Usually yes! No matter what happens in our political race, God is ALWAYS in control. We see in history where politics had no control over God and we see thru that history how it turned out. God was and is in control yet we are quick to forget what we already know.
Most of us have never been persecuted for Gods name. We also see in history that there were those Godly men that WERE persecuted and what happened to them? They were often beat for trusting in God and yet they rose up victoriously. Most all of us can’t even get thru the trouble and perplexity and then we think we are ready for persecution. 
These fleshly issues are not what is truly going on like the enemy wants you to think. If you’ve been born again then you are a winner. A winner because God is in control and we all know who is the victor. God has made us weak to show us that He is made strong. Gods grace is sufficient for our troubles. Grace will also lead us home. If God is for you who could be against you? You might agree with you head but your heart doesn’t say that. Your stress doesn’t say you believe.