Don’t Be Ignorant

May 2 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-18

When one passes we know that it’s just the beginning of their life eternal. Those that have passed have simply beat us to Heaven if they are you are saved. One has to be saved to understand the joy that is in hope for a better day. There is a better day coming for those that die in the Lord. God wants to save you but you must accept Him as your Saviour.
Death is not the end. Don’t be ignorant to the simple truth that death isn’t the end. There is coming a day where a reunion is to take place where we that are saved will rejoin those that have died in the Lord. Someone that is lost does not understand the concept of the joy in dying.
If you are trusting in this world you are in for a great loss. Many millionaires and billionaires are the most depressed persons on earth. Money can’t buy anyone happiness. God thru His salvation is the only happiness thru the greatest struggles.
Death often brings great sadness and grief but if the person that has passed had been saved then they’ve gone to a better place. One should be excited and thrilled for their gain. Sorrow should only take place for those that have gone on without the salvation of Christ. Those people will open their eyes to Hell, a place of great torments and a fire that never stops burning. Instantly once a lost person dies they will make Hell their home eternally. There is no remedy for getting out of Hell. Please understand that Hell is not a place you will want to be forever. In Hell, you will be alone in your torments, forever. There will be no parties in Hell. In Heaven, you will meet those loved ones that believed and passed. In Heaven, there will be great excitement.