November 22 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Distinctly Christian

Bible Passage: Romans 12:1-2

People need to know the difference between Christlike and a Christian. 
In this scripture we see that this is not a command. It’s plainly a choice to do the will of God. In the time we live we see many religions and many gods. The distinction between the religions and gods and that of a Christian is that there is only ONE way and ONE God. There is only ONE religion, belief. The belief in the ONE and true living God is the only way. Many say they are a Christian because they see many going to church and see how they live and then saying that they are no different than they are. This is hypocrisy, saying or doing something that you are not.
We are to give our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God. At any given time God should be able to o use you. In order to do this one must be clean and sinless. How many times to you laugh at a joke even when it’s inappropriate? Going along with the world because it’s the easier route. The reason Jesus came was to save the lost. How many lost are we seeing saved? The problem with a live sacrifice is that when it’s placed on the altar it will want to run away. It doesn’t want to be sacrificed. We are the same, we often do not want to sacrifice ourselves to God as a living sacrifice unto Him. Now the next thing about a sacrifice is that it must be pure and clean. Just in the Bible we seen many people try to bring an unclean sacrifice unto God. He does not like this one bit. We somehow do the same things. We think we can live how we want thru the week and come straight into the church house and ask God to do something for us. As a vessel, God knows how to use it and He will not use it unless it’s first been cleaned.
People don’t want to see someone acting like someone else or just like them. They don’t want to see another hypocrite. Don’t expect to witness to a person when you act just like them. 
Now most people want to be liked among their peers. Isn’t it tempting to not say anything and let something continue in the wrong. It’s easy to say, “I’m really busy today”, “I just don’t have the time”. There is no one different than the next and we are all sinners. Our flesh wants to take the easiest way out and we don’t want to be in trouble.
We should be transformed, dramatically different or changed. We are to be changed in our minds. We one is born again we are a different creature given a new mind and heart.