Courage Filled

February 21 2021
Series: Misc Sermons
Where does courage come from? One doesn’t have to learn how to fear but it’s present as soon as we are born. Now fear can be a good thing as it helps us to get out of danger. However there are things that we should never fear.
The devil wants you to fear things to the point that you can’t function. In the story of David and Goliath we see that there was no one in Israel that had the courage to fight Goliath, but there was one small boy that had courage thru God. Often times we think that there has to be something bigger to go against something that we perceive as something large. David was by no means a man that knew what he was doing. He hadn’t been trained like others to fight someone. He wasn’t muscular and able to fight someone with strength. What he had was courage in God that He was going to be there in the fight against this giant. David wasn’t born with courage even though he was brave against the lion and bear.
David had seen Goliath so it wasn’t as if he was just being to a story about him and it was exaggerated. David knew what he was going up against. This battle between Goliath, there was a lot at stake. According to the king at the time, Saul, he felt that there was something amiss. David, this small child is wanting to fight this battle ready giant and whomever won was in full control of the other including there kingdom. David explained to him about the time that he slain a lion and a bear.
With our knowledge we will say that our god is the biggest. There is no one more powerful that our god. Nothing can stand against our god. Yet, we don’t act like it and act more like a scared dog to tuck our tail and cower the other way. The devil uses everything these days to distract and to cause fear in everyone.
When it was time for battle David approached Goliath. Goliath then mocked and cursed David and God. Davids reply was not about himself but about our God. He explained to Goliath that God would take him down. As David was running towards Goliath he was loading his sling and as he ran he let that single smooth stone go to which it struck Goliath in the only spot that was open. God directed the stone to his forehead and down the giant went. David did exactly what he said God was going to do and he did what he told Goliath he was going to do.
Some of you are experiencing the hardest things you’ve ever experienced in your life. But your encouragement is that there is NOTHING that comes before God that He can’t take care of. Your God is an awesome and He hasn’t lost any of His power. He knows how many grains of sand are on the seashore and the numbers of hairs that are on your head. He hasn’t changed nor will He ever change. We must believe God and what He has already said. Whenever that “giant” gets in your way, ask yourself, is God bigger than this?