Confidence Beyond Fear

August 9 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 27:1-5

Fear is a powerful thing. As we look at our country in it’s current situation, fear is a motivator. Fear is not the spirit of God. If you have fear, then it didn’t come from God. Are you guilty of fearing things that you can’t control?

When you have confidence then it will run fear away. Doubt brings fear into play. There are some things that we can be confident in as a saved individual. Being lost means you’re on the outside looking in. You can’t really know the greatness of being saved, the truth, without first being saved.

The Lord is my light.
When you live in a dark place the one thing you’ll appreciate is light. Light allows you to have direction. Not knowing which way to go brings on fear. God shows us the path and how to go. He leads us. When Jesus is near there will be clarity.

The Lord is my salvation.
He is the one that not only saved you but He saves you every day. Not in a sense of salvation from Hell, but during the times of need. He is the one that is constant and ever present.

The Lord is my strength.
In every hard thing we must pass the goal line. When we have strength we have courage and when courage comes, so does confidence. Now we are not strong but God is and if He lives inside us then we have great strength. There is no one stronger than God.

The Lord is my church.
Not necessarily the building or the establishment. The temple was important in its time before Christ but after Christ, the temple was removed. The gathering together with like minded individuals, the saved. Being with like minded individuals allows other to gain strength from each other. It keeps fear away.

People are afraid. What are they afraid of. People will say they are afraid of COVID. They are not afraid of catching a virus but death itself. If you drive a vehicle one usually wears a seat belt. Why? Because we drive 60 mph in a projectile and a seat belt helps us be safe. If your diet consists of all donuts, then your health will quickly go downhill. We know that eating unhealthy foods brings upon death, bad health. Now, it’s all in your motivation, what motivates you? If it’s fear that is motivating you then this is a different problem.

Back to the statement of being with like-minded people, the church. When fear doesn’t rule in your life then your priorities become clearer. We’ve not been given a spirit of fear but to be closer to God. Seek after to be in the house of the God forever. This is where God can be felt in the greatest of ways. This does not mean He is not somewhere else.

There is a choice to make between now and tonight. We have a church service agains tonight. Will you be in attendance? Your desire as a saved soul should be no doubt that you will be in the house of God. Regular attends in a worshiping service is a need that feeds the soul.

When you meet with the people of God there is a confidence and the ability to ask God, position Him for anything. Your prayer life should not just be limited to the church building but also in your own lifestyle. The church is a house of prayer because one can come together with other helping others petition God.

The church is the rock, your solid foundation. An unmovable anchored force. God doesn’t change.