Come Out of the Cave

March 12, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: 1 Kings 19:8-9

The church is supposed to be a hospital. You have to take the bandage off for the doctor to fix it. Are you hugging your self-pity? If you’re always looking for something to “butter your toast” then you’re going to be disappointed. We no longer live in the Garden of Eden. What will it take to get you out of the cave?

The devil’s intentions
One can’t change their spouse but one can change themselves One can’t change others. In verse 9 we see Elijah went to the cave on purpose to lodge there. Elijah did a lot of good things with God but it took just one woman, the devil to know I him back down. He then got depressed.

The Lord’s questions
When you’re down and depressed we seem to forget how to pray with reverence. When you get down you’ll often get mad so you’ll pray with anger. Some people study the word of God and they still don’t have a clue who God is and how He works. He saves & blesses people that we don’t think deserve it. Do you think America is His pet? God asked Elijah why he was in the cave, He knew but wanted Elijah to answer Him. God had already proved Himself to Elijah. Elijah smarted off and told God that he was the only one God had left.

God has so much patience for us, and so much love. If you keep looking at Christians then you’ll get down and depressed. Keep your eyes on God. God told Elijah to come out of the cave and used different elements to get him outside. Once he was outside God asked him the same question as before in a still small voice. So, Elijah repeats the same thing again.

Instead of God arguing with him about it He just tells him what to do. God has to straighten out the nasty attitude first. God then tells him he wasn’t alone and to go do His work.

God takes care of the results.
What you can do you should do.

If you stay in your cave then God can’t use you. You’re not a failure. You must fail once in a while. What you define as a failure God doesn’t.