November 16, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Hebrews 4:16

Many people want to continue to live in the way that they want to live. They refuse to see and obey the Word of God. God didn’t save you for just one reason, to get into Heaven. Heaven is a great thing but there’s more to it than just getting to Heaven. If you have never been changed it doesn’t matter what you think about salvation. When God saves someone their life, soul and heart are made new. A completely different person is born out of salvation. If you haven’t had a change then you haven’t been saved.

If God is knocking on your heart’s door and inviting you into salvation, then NOW is the time for salvation. Don’t put off the invitation because He doesn’t promise a second chance. The scripture plainly says to come BOLDY to God’s throne. Don’t be ashamed of God. Don’t be ashamed of what He’s asking you to do. If God has placed someone on your heart to witness to, don’t be ashamed. He WILL go with you and give you the words to say. God saves us and He doesn’t forget us. God will never forsake you and He is always faithful.

Acts 4:31; gathered together praying in one mind. There is no excuse that when we assemble together and pray that the building doesn’t shake with His power.
Acts 4:13; have you been with Jesus? If you’ve been saved then you’ve been with Jesus. Now we love our spouses, our kids, our grandkids, our friends, etc. We love them but we should love God more. Nothing should come before our love of God. Without God, we would have nothing.