Chosen, Stuck, and Run

February 7 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 119:25-32

Picking up from the prior message we will start at verse 28. Once we yield ourselves to God we should see that we are weak and need His strength to keep going on. We desperately need the hand of God to lift us up. We often stop praying before God answers. We should go deeper and cry out the more. Just a few verses prior we seen that David admitted already that he needed God, yet we see again bringing it back up to God. Cry out unto God and don’t stop until He answers.
Don’t try to do it yourself.
Everyone is guilty of this because of our own downfall of being a human. We might feel as if there is no way out, I’ll do it myself. Maybe we’ve prayed and God hadn’t yet answered, we do it ourselves. Often times when we get involved before God we mess the whole thing up causing a bigger problem than we had before.
We lie.
Most of the time when we attend church we won’t even open our mouths to give God praise, yet we tell others what a wonderful service. We lie to ourselves when we don’t repent before God and say it’s alright. It’s a habit we have when we put on the mask to show everyone around that everything is okay. God knows everything and He knows what you’re going thru. Stop lying to Him and repent. Often times during the altar call, no one moves. So either your the worlds best Christian or you’re lying. The devil will tell you the opposite of what you need to be doing. He will tell you that everything is alright, those people don’t care for you, it won’t matter what you do, on and on. God doesn’t just sit in His seat and check a box when you just show up to church saying, well that’s good they made it. If you’re sitting there thinking you’ve got it all under control, then you’re right now lying to yourself. How does God deal with a liar? Verse 29 shows us that thru Gods truth He will deal with the lies. How many of you have sought Gods word over looking at the media for it’s news? The media has done nothing but tell lies all along, let every man be a liar.  We live in a way of lying. One don’t need someone like the pastor, deacon or a bible scholar to tell them the truth. If you’ve got a bible then you hold the truth in your very grasp. 
Chosen, Stuck, and Run
Verses 30-32; David had to get in a place where he had to make a choice. 
The first responsibility to live as a believer in Christ is to choose to live for Christ, truth. 
The second you must then stick to it, stick to Christ the truth. A person that sticks to it just will not quit or give up when the going gets tough. When the church has a service you must make a choice and stick to it if you’re going to attend that service.
Thirdly, run not walk in the way of truth. One could sit on a bench spiritually and judge another and think you could run just as fast as they can. This a lie saying you’re just as good as another and you haven’t even got in shape to run. One can’t run until they get into shape and that will require two things, repentance and allowing God to get you into shape.