Child of God

May 31, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

Scripture: 1 John 4:1-6

If you’re saved then you are a child of God. Being a child of God comes with some really good perks. One of them is that the devil can’t touch you. When the devil comes around all one has to do is call on Jesus to get rid of him. Another perk is that He always loves us. We are coming up on a very important time for our church, communion services. This coming weekend is very important. If you want to be beyond blessed then get the sin out of your life. There isn’t a single one of us that is better than the next. We are all in the same boat, sinners saved by grace. The best thing to do is every day just ask for forgiveness of your sins regardless if you think you’ve sinned or not.

There are churches that don’t have a clue what the Holy Spirit is. They say they do but if He actually came into the church it would scare them to death.

In your life, you might have someone that you think is great. Knowledgeable, dependable, loving, caring, etc. But there will come a time when they will die. Having God in your life is better than anyone you can look up to or go to in your life. God won’t let you down. He won’t steer you in the wrong direction. He always loves you. He is always there night or day.

Are you ready to meet God? Church member, are you ready for this weekend? Ask God if you’re prepared and get things settled.

Brother Dustin Parks

Isaiah 6:1-5

It’s easy to cast the woes on others but when you start applying them to yourself it becomes real. We are coming into something Holy this weekend. It’s not the preacher’s job to judge you. The preacher has the same task as we all do and that is to compare yourself to God. We ALL come up short compared to God. We are often around lost people and have a tendency to judge them yet we are just as horrible when we judge ourselves and compared ourselves to God.

As you move forward through the rest of this week ask God to show you what you need to work on or deal with in your life. We can see things happen if we ask and obey.


Pastor Tommy Boring

1 Corinthians 11
2 Corinthians 5:20