July 3 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 13:13

So what is it all about? First and foremost it’s about our Lord Jesus Christ. In this scripture, one can’t replace the word charity with the word love. Charity is a lot more than just love. When we give charity to someone charity is something that is given without having something given in return. The love of God is something that is eternal. We can’t do anything enough to pay God back for what love He has given and continues to give.
The world will tell everyone that we are all okay. Just love each other and it’ll all be okay. People do things for themselves. We are prideful in nature and do things expecting something in return. Whether good or bad the return if directed towards self is sinful.
We can sing these wonderful hymns all day long. We can sing loud and sing all day about Jesus but, if it isn’t in love and for Jesus then we’ve done it wrong. If you go out and knock on people’s doors that’s great but if you do it because that’s what Christians are supposed to do, it’s wrong, it’s wasteful in the sight of God. There are people out there today that are great and wonderful people and can do great and wonderful things. But if the things are not done out of the love of Jesus then it’s of waste.
Charity. We can wallow around in our own self-pity, doing sinful things, and all while we are doing them in what we think is secret. All awhile God knows it all and still offers charity. Charity is not just for God but for others too. Being angered over something regardless if you are in the right to be angered or not is not charity or love. It’ often leads to backbiting and hatred. The charity and love of God will never fail and it is sure to keep us. Do you realize that most of the things we do down here have no bearing on anything? Having a high membership in your church means nothing to God.
God gave us charity when we were still sinners. Giving God love is something we all can agree on but it sure is thought to love someone when they don’t deserve it. Taking your life to prove yourself or make someone feel sorry is a lie from the devil. We are all going to mess up because we are all imperfect. We ought to love each other regardless. God loved us and therefore we should also love each other. It’s all about God and nothing else. When you do mess up and fall down, just stand up dust yourself off and keep going.