Build the Wall!

August 29 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Nehemiah 4:1-6

A Christian should hunger for more of God. A communion between God and us that never stops. Do we really know the truth in this world? The media claims they know the truth, but is it really the truth? If all you do is watch and listen to the information that’s fed to us 24/7 you’ll soon begin to fear. Not a single person knew there would be a hurricane come through on a particular day in the future. But God knows. Just because they have a tie on doesn’t mean they are trustworthy.

The greatest opportunity that we have as a Christian is prayer. If you want to know what the truth is you’ll need to get closer to the true source. All you need in this world is the word of God, the Bible. Make a commitment unto God that you will be fed by His word at all times.

Is there a purpose in your heart? You do realize that if you’ve been born again that you have a purpose. First and foremost you should have a burden in your heart for the lost and to witness to those. If you had no purpose He would take you on home. Lift up Christ so others can see Him.

The devil walks around here on earth seeking those out that he may devour. We in the flesh can not fight the devil. However, through Christ, the devil is defeated. The world wants you to believe that we have no hope. We should recognize that the truth is that we are closer to the end than the beginning. The signs of the times are pointing to the end times. God gave us a book filled with His promises and told us that if we just believed then He would do.

We should see the importance of building a wall. A wall around our homes, around our loved ones, around our churches, etc. A wall to keep the devil out. If we as Christians got on fire for Christ the devil will get really mad and begin to attack.

Satan will start with his lies and that begins with words. How many people have been destroyed by the words of lies? Today we live in a time that everyone has their own truth. 2 plus 2 equals 4. It will never equal anything other than 4. Why is this, because it’s true. One can’t have multiple truths. It’s either true or false, right or wrong. There is only ONE authority and it’s not you or anyone else, it’s God Himself.

The one thing that the devil likes to do is put you down. He makes you doubt that you can’t do something and God doesn’t care. Doubt is a product of the devil. Many Christians have so much doubt that the devil has his teeth sunk in deep into them. The devil loves the fact that he has people believing what he is saying to them.

All the while knowing that these devices that the devil is using to bombard us with lies, we still turn them on to see and read them. Our flesh wants to know these lies of the devil. Never a time where there is so much information being poured out and the ease of access to this information. If the devil isn’t mad then you’re not doing something right. Are you more afraid of the devil or of God?

What Nehemiah did was take his enemies to God. He didn’t take care of it by running his mouth to the enemies. He went straight to God and took his problem to Him. This takes place throughout the Bible with the men of God. Got a problem, take it to God. Once you’ve prayed and taken the lies to God, get back to God’s work. Take it to the Lord and leave it there.