Break Up Our Fallow Ground

June 4, 2023

Series: Misc Sermons

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Ask God to plow your ground in your life. Your garden needs to be plowed, worked up, good dirt then the plants and roots are easier to grow. Just in our lives, we have hard ground. We need to ask God to plow our hard hearts, our fallow grounds. We ought to live as Christ lived and work towards sinlessness. Our churches should be asking God to break up the fallow ground within the body. The world has nice and shiny objects that pull our eyes away from God. Those weeds need to be turned under so they can’t grow, and can’t take root. Only God knows what ground needs worked, so ask Him to work them. Desire to be as close as you can be to God. Allow God to break up the hard ground in your life. Your flesh doesn’t want God to work in its life. The Spirit is stronger and always wants God to work.

The lost don’t attend church. They just don’t walk in because they are bored in the world. This means we as Christians are to take God to them. This requires us to get dirty in the work of God. At times we might have to get into the ditch with someone to help them. We must remove our pride and help others.

What are you sowing? The church of Christ, what are you sowing? What happens if you’re just sitting on God. Just as a garden does, if it’s neglected then the weeds will begin to take over. It’s constant work to keep the weeds out. If daily you go out and remove the weeds then it’s not as hard to maintain. However, if you only go out once a week to weed the garden then you’ll have more weeds to remove. Just as in our lives, if daily we weed out the sins in our lives then it’s not as hard to handle. But if we only repent once a week or once a month then it takes us longer to get into contact with God. It’s not convenient to deal with our sins. We are prideful, we think we’ve got our lives all under control. Stop hiding the sin under the rug. God already knows it’s there.