Blessed is the Man

June 19 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 34:8-10

Three points to see clearly. A foolish statement to say is to admit that anyone has it all figured out. We always have something to repent about. We live in the flesh and it’s a hard thing to do. We as humans are weak. The Spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. King David had ups and downs just as we do. 
Blessed is the man that…
  • …puts his trust in God.
    • God is good and God is great in every way. There must be an action on our part. It’s not by works but there should be a hunger in your soul to do something for God. The scripture says that we will know the saved by the fruit they bear. Sweet & bitter water can’t come from a single spring. It’s either good or bad.
    • We should trust God in the good and the bad. We often say we trust Him but do we really? He will test and challenge you to try your trust in Him. God will take you through the dark places in order for you to trust in Him to bring you out of it. How many times in your life when something pops up that’s bad that you say to yourself that you’ll need to take care of this? We ought to ask God to handle it and not ourselves because we will mess it up and will have to take the long journey around it.
  • …fears the Lord.
    • The fear that is given to God is the fear that means a reverence to Him. In our society, we have removed God from just about everything. The reason that we have removed Him is that if we admit He’s real then we admit that we sin, if we admit we sin then we must admit we are wrong, and if we admit that we are wrong then we must change, and no one wants to change. Those that fear God will not lack any good thing. These good things are not materialistic things. God gives and He takes away. It doesn’t matter what you have down here on this Earth. We ought to gather where God feeds the flock. God also said that we should fail not to assemble ourselves together. If you fear God then you would want to clean up your life. One can say you fear God but in your actions, they often speak to the contrary. God has His own woodshed that He uses to chastise us. He will take you behind His woodshed not for others to see but because it’s a personal chastisement. There should be a reverence in your heart that causes you to say what God wants is what you want in order to be more like Him. WWJD, What Would Jesus Do, we should be looking at each and everything we do, say or think if it lines up with what God would do.
  • …seeks the Lord.
    • Do you actively seek God? When you wake up is your first thought to go to the Lord? There is nothing that He can’t do. There are so many things in this world to seek, distractions. None of these worldly things can bring ultimate joy that will last forever. Seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness will be added to you. God knows exactly what you need and when. Got a big job opportunity? Only God knows if you need it or not. He knows that if it’s going to lead you away from Him then He likely will not want you to have it. Trust that He knows what’s best for you.