Believing in the Promise

August 1 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Hebrews 11:1-6; 13-16

If you’re saved you should have growth to please God. God didn’t label things such as wealth or stature to please Him. These things are simple in nature but difficult at best to follow. Instead of trusting God to know that He knows best, we want to take control and tell God what and how to do it. We are so lost apart from God. The one thing that pleases God the most is that we believe Him in spite of the outside forces. The one thing that these people had in this reading is that they believed in God. In our lives we will face a trial, a great trial and the only thing that God wants us to do is to believe Him.
Abraham was told by God that His seed would be innumerable. Abraham didn’t get to see God’s promise before his death. Abraham died in the faith believing that God’s promise would be fulfilled. It may not be in our life that God’s promise will be completed. Either way, it’s up to the trusting, the believing of His promise. The Word of God is true and the world is a liar. So did God fail by not fulfilling Abraham’s promise? No! He died in faith, believing that the promise was still coming. The great men of God in the old testaments all died in faith and yet God’s promise wasn’t fulfilled in their lifetime. Now, did God’s promise never comes about? No! God is fulfilling His promises time and time again as the scripture states that there was a number that couldn’t be counted already in Heaven.
God also promised that He would come back on the clouds to receive His children. Has he fulfilled this promise, No. Look into any cemetery and you’ll see many people that died holding onto this promise believing in the faith. They have received the glories of God and yet they still wait for this promise. Once His promise is fulfilled they will see this promise.
One must believe that He is who He says He is. One must also believe that He is everything that one needs. That He can and that He will. Not only can He do it but that He WILL do it. he has all power that He can do anything and that He will always do them. It’s impossible to please God without faith.
Some of God’s promises will never be until one dies. He has promised His children that He has made a place for them, Heaven. The promise to the lost is that they will spend eternity in Hell. The lost will not have that promise fulfilled until they die.
Do you believe? 
Are you saved?