January 31 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Behold Your God

Bible Passage: Isaiah 40:9

One of the hardest things to do is to describe God. Humans words just can’t describe Him. One should be in awe of God. We must be reminded often that God is great.
Isaiah 40:10
He is a God that is present with us. He is with us. He would be called Emanuel, God with us. We see often times people will pray and bow before a god that is just a statue, a missing god. It has no power and is a counterfeit. God is the only god and is everywhere at the same time, omnipresent. He will never leave you or is He ever in a place where He can’t help you.
Isaiah 40:11
God is personal. He loves us and feeds us. He protects us and delivers us. He cares and works in our hearts. Aren’t you glad He can see into your heart and we can’t see into others. He is a present power that is always with us that is personal. One can’t comprehend why He loves us like He does. 
One has to learn how to trust in Jesus. The enemy likes to tell us that He doesn’t care or love us. We have the problem with listening to the enemy and often suffer at his hand. There are hard things coming and if you stand with Jesus you must be ready for the conflict. Has there ever been a time when you asked God why He hasn’t answered you? This doesn’t mean He isn’t listening or there with you. He is simply working it out and knows what needs to be done. There should be no doubt that God will do what’s right. Sheep learn and know the voice of their shepherd and a strange voice they will not follow. There’s been many of prayers that have often gone up but it doesn’t mean God isn’t hearing them. A Christian should learn and know the voice of their shepherd and should trust that He will never forsake them.
You will get to a place in your life where you’ll have to make a choice. A choice whether you will trust Jesus or not. Will you turn and go away like the many of others or will you trust Him and follow Him wherever He goes?