Be Prepared / Why We Can’t Quit

June 3 2022
Series: Misc Sermons
0:00 . . . . . Brother Zach Willis
Communion is not something that you can take lightly. It’s a serious commitment to God. The wine that is brought isn’t just something that was made to be drunk on. It’s the blood of Christ. The bread is the flesh of Christ and it’s not something to be filled with by eating. The bread is chewy just like one’s own flesh. The bread and wine are not just something to consume. We should all make sure we are ready, sinless in order to take the bread and wine. We should also help the brother and sister to be ready to partake. A communion is a sacred act that should be taken very seriously. The blood is what secured you and the bread is what He feeds you daily. 
The rejoicing of the communion comes afterward during the foot-washing service. Just as the communion, God has ordained the foot-washing. If you’re not ready to take part in these services, make sure you are before you take part. You will get four messages, and four services to get ready. If you’re a member of the church then you’re held accountable for your attendance of the communion.
24:36 . . . . . Brother Danny Gregory
Often, we look around and see some of the pews empty. There is no room to quit. Just because you’re not a preacher doesn’t mean you don’t have a job to do. You can’t just set it down just because you want to. When Christ saved you He didn’t just stop with the salvation but He directs your path. If He’s not directing your path then who is? Christ chose you, you didn’t choose Him. He came to you and chose you. In school and playing on the playground. Do you remember when you picked teams? Well, we were on the losing team all along, and yet He picked us to be on His winning team. When He saves you He changes you. Before you’re saved you’re like a hog eating the slop of the world and wallowing in the mud of destruction. But when He saves you He changes you into a sheep. A sheep as white as snow feeds you daily and protects you from Satan and His wolves.
Sometimes it takes someone to show you you’re in the wrong. Sometimes someone else needs to help another person. If you sit down and quit on God then how can you help someone else? How do you show someone else that is in the wrong when you’re in the wrong too? If Christ saved you, you can’t sit down.