Are You Willing?

February 15 2023
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Ezekiel 22:30-31

God doesn’t call everyone to the same field. He doesn’t call everyone to be preachers. We as Christians must be ready and willing to work for God.

A hedge. Have you ever seen a hedge? A hedge blocks off something or surrounds something. A hedge that has a gap in it is no longer secure. God is looking for Christians to stand in the gap. Will He find someone to stand in the gap at New Providence? We have the privilege to be in mourning with the brethren. If you are willing and obedient then we will eat really well. Do you know of anyone that’s in need? The devil can’t do anything with prayer. He can’t get through it or around it.

We have some in our own church that has laid their cross down. The rest of us present within the church should be willing and able to pray for those that are in great need. If you see someone down in the ditch, get in the ditch with them and help them get out of it.

Examples of Heavenly people. Jesus is one that has stood in the gap for everyone that accepts His salvation. The Holy Spirit once one is saved, comes into their soul and sets up an abode.

God didn’t ask for a number to stand. He just someone to do it. God doesn’t look for the qualified. He tells us not to worry about how much money we have, He’s just looking for someone willing. If you have someone in your life that has forsaken the assembly of the church, backslid on God, stand in their gap. Get into your prayer closet and call out to God on their behalf. God didn’t save you to do it alone. He didn’t save you and set you out by yourself. If you’re saved then you are amongst many.