Are You Willing To Step Out?

September 25, 2022

Series: Misc Sermons

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Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-6

There are things we can see yet there are things that we can’t see. We can see that God created the heavens and the earth. He created everything that we can see. We can’t see everything that we believe in. We can’t see salvation but we can see the effects of it. We are all given a measure of faith in order to believe in Jesus Christ and His power to save. If Christ is drawing, inviting you to salvation then you first must believe in Him.

Noah never knew what rain was. Yet God told Noah to build an ark because He was going to bring much rain. Noah was doing the things that pleased God, he was the only one in that time that believed in God. Imagine the mocking that Noah received because of his belief in God and what he was doing.

Abraham had no idea what he was doing or where he was going. Just like Abraham, we have no idea what God has in store for us. A saved person is seeking heavenly things, things we can not see, true faith, and belief. Worshiping God through the thick and thin of our life. We often take things for granted because we live in luxury. For the most part, we all have a vehicle to drive, nice clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads, food in abundance on our tables, etc. Yet take one of those things away and we begin to wonder if God cares for us.

The times are getting worse as we live on. This is no surprise. People are turning their backs on God. Christians have turned soft and don’t share Christ as we should. Maybe God is telling you today to go and do something for Him. If that is the case, GO and DO! How often do we welcome trials and tribulations because we are wanting to follow God? Your family, spouse, children, etc. can’t always help you but God can, will, and is always there to do so.

Sara was past childbearing age yet God wasn’t concerned about it. Just because you think you are too far gone. Maybe you’re an alcoholic, addict, abuser, etc. God still loves you and those things don’t worry Him when you ask Him to remove those things from your life. You’re not too far gone for God to pull you out of that pit.

Just as Joseph on his death bed had faith in God that He would protect him at his time of death, we too should have that faith.

Moses left all he had which was a king’s life of luxury to do God’s work. He had no idea where his next meal would come from. Are you willing to give up all you’ve worked for or saved up? If God told you to take all of your money and give it to a homeless person, would you do it?

In this country, we currently do not face death for following Christ. There is coming a day a choice will have to be made. What will your choice be if it comes to your life? Will you choose God? God is able to keep you but you must be willing to stand.

The Israelites came to something when they fled with Moses for a better life with God. They came to something where they thought they should just give up, a sea that they couldn’t pass. Yet, God came on the scene and parted their obstacles, the sea, so they could cross thru it on dry ground. How many times in our life do we see something that seems that we will not get thru? God is able and willing to get you thru it.

The walls of Jericho didn’t fall the first time they walked around it. It didn’t fall because that’s not what God told them to do. When God tells you to do something you must do it in order to see the outcome. Often times we don’t want to work for it, we just expect God to just provide without work. That’s not what He said and that’s not how faith works. Whatever God tells you to do, do it with 100% work no matter what it takes.