Are You Going To Heaven?

September 27, 2020

Series: Misc Sermons

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Sin should make you sick when one thinks about out. Being saved means that sin has no old on you. If it does, then you may not be saved. Being saved means that once you pass then Christ states that your sins have been washed away. If you die lost then you do not have that forgiveness and you will make your eternal life in Hell. We are all human and fail daily due to be flesh. We battle our flesh every second to do what’s right. Perfection will not be obtained until the death of a saved person. In order to be in Heaven one must be saved and no sin will be allowed in that place.
The plaque of our society is the first 4 listed.
Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, and effeminate
7th commandment, Exodus 20:1-17
Each time you turn the TV on you’ll see that fornicators are said to be alright. We see it blasted everywhere we look. Any type of sexual activities before marriage is wrong. People will wreck a home anyway they want. They don’t see that the family unit is no longer sanctified by God. God does not temp people to do wrong, this is from the devil, not God. Don’t drag God into your sinful activity. Homosexuality is also sinful and it is declared itself in the Bible by Gods word. Take a look into history and we will quickly see that homosexual activity quickly turned into the fall of nations. 
1st & 2nd Commandments clearly defines idolaters. God is the only god. There is no other god before Him. 
Thieves and extortioners are covered under the 8th commandment. If your lifestyle is after greed and desire then you need to know where your salvation lies.
Revilers is covered under commandment 9. Backbiting and liars.
Covetous & drunkards is violating God. Once should never lust after something or someone else’s belongings. Drunkards alter their mind and they will do things sinful with altered. These are covered under the 10th commandment.
These things were all said and it is said that some of you were these sinful things. The keyword here is “were”, past tense. If you are born again then you are a new creature in Christ and you should NOT want to do these things. You’ve been sanctified which is a process. Then you’ve been justified, just as if I’ve never sinned.