May 16 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Are You Getting in on a Coat Tail?

Bible Passage: Acts 16:25-40

In our prior message, we read about a jailer where the Holy Spirit intervened and created what only it could do just for this man to be saved.

Acts 16:31

What does this scripture mean? Is this a promise of God that if I get saved that my children will be saved also? No, just because one person is saved does not mean the others will be saved also. This is only an extension of God’s grace. One can’t get to Heaven on the coat tail of someone else. What was being said in this scripture is that if you get saved AND your children get saved, then you as well as them will go to Heaven. Your faith is your faith and not someone else’s. Just because one is saved doesn’t mean that someone else is saved also. Baptizing a baby in front of many congregants and stating that it is saved does not make it saved. Not a single person can grant this authority over God. Children of preachers don’t get to go to Heaven because daddy was a pastor. They must work out their salvation just like the next person does.

Does not a saved parent or person not have the expectations that their children or loved ones will be saved? Yes! But their children or loved ones will have to work out their salvation. They must believe just as the saved person had to believe.

If it was based on a person’s merit whether another person is saved then it could certainly go the other direction too. Thank God salvation doesn’t work this way!