Are You Forgiven?

October 20 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Psalm 32:1-11

Do you know of anyone that doesn’t like to be blessed? The greatest of blessings is that you’ve been forgiven. This only applies if you’ve been born again. The transgressions have been pardoned for the saved. Some people think that material things are good blessings but what was once new become old. The luxuries of life are often stated as blessings, having cool air in the hot summer or heat in the cold winters and food on the table. But these things are just fleeting and mean nothing at the time of death.

Are you forgiven? If there is anything between you and God, ask Him to take it. If you’re holding onto sin you will not feel blessed. Do we not hunger for peace? There’s not a single person that doesn’t know if they are right or not with God. To be blessed you must repent. So you think you repent but do you really? Most times we excuse some of the sins, we overlook them just to continue in it. If we overlook the sin then we are in full violation of God’s will.

We should not be after the material blessings. God has already promised that He would provide food and shelter. We shouldn’t worry about those things cause He will provide. Yet we seem to worry about them. Have you ever laid in bed at night knowing your life has sin in it and God is working on you about it? Yet you lay there and think you have to get back to church to deal with it. By the usage of the altar currently more must be using the altars that they have at home. Yet, the truth is, no one is using an altar at all.

God will do whatever He needs to do to make you right with Him. In verse three it shows how sin will just eat you alive. David’s body just ached while God worked on Him about his sin. Verse four David shows us that God’s hand was heavy on him. We should be praying for God to press into those that know better, the saved that are out of the will of God. A child of God knows that they should not be doing something because God loves them and He will chasten His children. If you’re saved and are miserable then you need to get on your knees and get right with God.

When you fully repent of your sins God will do two things. God will continue to walk with you and will not turn His eyes away from you. We shouldn’t be like a stubborn mule and do things that are contrary to God’s will. We should be honest with God and tell Him the truth when we have sinned. he already knows about them.

If you just do it the right way, trust, and repent when we should then we can shout with joy and rejoice. Psalm’s 1 blessing will not happen until we chew and swallow Psalm 32.