Are We Ready to Fight the Battle?

September 7 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Samuel 17:14-26; 44-46

Some Christians are not ready for the battle. In this story, we read that the Israelites were in a battle for 40 days. They would stop only when Goliath would step out. It would take one giant to make them afraid. God made us for this time.
Elders in the church can look back to their times and see that their battles were different than today. We can blame it on the government, COVID, backslid Christians, etc. There used to be a time when stores were all closed on Sundays, the Lord’s day. Are you ready for the day for your life to be put on the battlefield? We must fight for what’s right. Are you going to do it or not?
David’s brother thought he was crazy for going up against Goliath. David had to remind him about the bear and the lion that he had slain. Goliath was nothing compared to those beasts. They then wanted David to put on their protection, yet David told them that he hadn’t proven them. All the armor he needed was God’s protection. 
If God told you to stand up to something that you thought was a considerable undertaking, would you do it? God chose the Christian for a job. He knows what your purpose is. Listen and obey Him. When He says stand, stand. When he says go, go. Where is your faith when you look into the world, our own backyard? 
What do you do when it gets hard in the church house? Mumble and backbite against the brethren. No different than the Israelites did when they came to their first hard roadblock. Just as they, God provided them with the nutrients and water they needed to survive.
Get ready to fight. If you’re not ready, you better be getting ready. A soldier not prepared to fight will surely be destroyed. David went to battle prepared to take down the enemy. Phil 4:13, God will always provide and will prepare you for battle.