Are We Doing What We Can?

May 8 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Mark 14:3-9

A personal commitment, are you doing what you can? There are times when you hear the Word and it doesn’t move yet, there are times when we hear it and it moves us. If you ever get to a point and feel that you’re as close to God as you can get, then you’ve believed a lie.

The Cost of Serving God
Matthew 16:24-26; Romans 12:1-2; 2 Samuel 24:24
Currently, in this country we are free to worship anything however we want. There are some who once they wake know that there will be a cost when they chose to worship God.

There’s not a person here that doesn’t have a responsibility to God. There should be a stirring in your soul for a willingness to do what you can for Christ. There are things in our lives that didn’t cost us anything. However, there are things that are of a great cost. One can live a life dedicated to a carrier, hobby, or life yet in the end it means nothing. The things in this world will lose all value at the end times. So you can say you’ve got problems, welcome to the human race! We all have problems, this is nothing new.

What are the requirements for following God?
We live in a country where we are all free to worship whomever and whatever we want. Someone had to pay a price for that freedom. Back in 1932, there were a few people that paid a price to build a church for people in our community could come together to worship God. Then, in 1968 they decided again to rebuild a larger, better building for believers to worship and the lost to be saved. These men and women when it was hard to give, gave what they could for the building of the churches. Most if not all of those people are gone now and were willing to be instruments of God for those they don’t even know.

God is not going to call you to do something that you can’t do. This goes against His nature. Yet, there is a price tag for serving Christ. There is a great urgency for souls right now. We should be doing whatever it takes to have as many souls saved as we can.

We say we need God, our people need God, and we are desperate for God, but are we really?
Peter a fisherman by trade dropped his nets, forsaking it all just to follow Christ. Many, many men of the Bible gave it all including their lives to proclaim Christ. We need people that are willing to work for God. Have you short-changed Him? Are you just giving a little of your time to Him on Sunday morning?

A woman that we don’t really know who she is. Many have different viewpoints of who she is but at the end who she is or was doesn’t matter. What she did was not required of her. She looked around and found something that she had of great value. She worshipped Christ by “washing” His feet with her tears something that no one else had done. If you have anything in your life that is more important than God, then it is a god to you. What is more important than Christ? Friendships, job, wife, husband, children, or possessions? If you value any of those things above God then He will not honor it. This woman didn’t care about anything or anyone there but her Christ. If you are waiting on Him to tell you what to give, you’ve missed the point. Do you honestly think that God needs you? He can and will do whatever, whenever, and however He wants to with or without you. He is God! She brought something that was very precious and of the greatest value to her. We are more worried about what we get or have than what we give away and it’s what we give that’s more important.

Do you think God saved you by accident? You’re male, female, child, old, or young, do you think God can’t use you? He used a donkey! This woman gave her precious ointment and didn’t even know what she was doing other than doing something in honor. We don’t know what it’s going to be required of, that great price, but we must be willing to give it all. What you have to offer is purposeful. The ointment was purposeful but let’s look at the box. It was made of alabaster which is soft enough to be carved and was frequently used to decorate palaces. It was also a white stone. Just as the stone, God is still working on us carving us, making us into something beautiful for His use. We should present our bodies as a living sacrifices. This laying that alabaster block, our lives on the altar each and every day for Him to work on us. There will come a day that He will present His work to His father. He can’t work on you until you’ve laid it on the altar first.
She broke this box. The box had a lid so all she had to do is to take the lid off and pour out its contents. Alabaster is a strong stone but soft enough to carve. She didn’t plan on taking any of the contents of the box back home with her. In our lives, we oftentimes are willing but still want to keep some of it. We should be willing 100% to give it ALL to God. We go to the altar to give it but by the time we stand up, we take it back.
The box wasn’t easy to break and would’ve been a lot easier to just take the lid off. We oftentimes want to take the easy way out. She had to break it on something. We think about how easy the story seems yet Jesus pointed out that she did more than anyone else and gave everything she had. Jesus made a big deal about what she did and even went as far as to tell them that her story of what she did would be preached until preaching is no more.