Anchor of the Soul

January 9 2022
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Hebrews 2:5-10

A lot of people in this world place their hope in something else besides the Lord. There are all kinds of anchors that a boat could use. Just as a basket is, is simply something that holds things. You can put just about anything you want in a basket. In life, we place things in our life’s basket and most of them are worthless things. They mean something to us physically but Spiritually they amount to nothing. We can place our jobs in our baskets. Our jobs and education amount to nothing at some point. Our jobs are temporary. Education is also temporary. You’ve got to place something in your basket that will keep you. God is only looking for one thing in your basket. At the time of death, God will look through your basket to see what you’ve gathered in life. Being rich, having health is not the things that should be placed in the basket.

The world is not getting worse yet it’s been the same since sin came into the world. Death is something that has always been here and it’s here because of sin. When death finds you, you better make sure that there is one thing in your basket. Jesus Christ should be in your basket. Do you have Him in your basket? Is He your anchor? Death doesn’t care about your age, social status, financial status, or even your love for others. Some live by feelings yet our feelings often lie to us. We should only live by faith and faith in Jesus Christ.

If our lives are on the ocean of life and are not anchored into something solid then we will be thrown from one end to the other. We often look at trying to anchor into something in this life. We anchor into our money, friends, alcohol, drugs, and things. These things are not solid and the anchor will never be stable. Being anchored into Jesus Christ is a solid anchor and He will never let you go.

Romans 8:24-25
Why does God love you? Because He doesn’t want you to perish in the flames of Hell.
The wage of sin is death. This will never change. If you do not have Jesus in your basket then you are without hope.

1 Peter
Is Jesus in your basket? You have two options in your life. You can either build your house (life) on the solid rock (Jesus Christ). When the storms of this world beat against your house it will stand strong because of its solid foundation. If you choose the second option and build your house on the sand, do it your way, find your own path, then your house will perish. You built your house on a foundation that’s not solid and when the storms come it will wash the foundation out from under your house.