Almost Saved is Altogether Lost

June 21 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Seems the culture that we live in is going backwards. It’s the belief that if one is good-enough then one will go to Heaven. You’ll never find in the Bible that that belief is right. If one asks someone if they are going to Heaven they will usually say yes. But, if you press them on why then they will struggle with a truthful answer. Everyone will die, after death a eternal home. Where will your home be? Heaven or Hell. It’s a Christians duty to share the truth of salvation to the lost.

Any church one goes to you will always sit among those that are “almost” Christians. Justification is not a process, it’s an event. It happens immediately once your born again. One can’t work for it, it’s given by Christ Himself. Being a Christian requires a conversion. Some will says they once they stop sinning then they will turn to God. That day will never take place because a person is always sinning.

The religious lost.
A bunch of folks just go to church. This does not mean that you shouldn’t attend church. Attending a church does not make one a Christian. Some folks make a big deal out of dressing up. If you think that your attire will make you a Christian, you’ve been mistaken and taught incorrectly. The religious lost go to church to do the “church” things. They attend during Christmas and Easter. As much as your church family loves you. As much as God loves you. You still must be saved in order to go to Heaven.

The emotional lost.
Some people work off of an emotion. They see or feel something and think that is what makes them saved. Those that feed off of those emotions in order to bring salvation are misleading the lost. The only way one knows if they’ve been born again is if the Spirit bares witness. A lost person doesn’t know where home is because they’ve never been home. One should never tell another person that they’ve been saved. This is because you truly don’t know. Our church membership is based on YOUR testimony of salvation. Many people live in sin because they’ve never been saved.

Have you received the spirit of Christ?