All You Need Is Love

August 15 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

Above all of the things that God has given love is at the top. If we are not careful sin can creep in cause love to darken. In the commandments, Love God is at the top, and then to love your neighbor. Of all the gifts that were given only three remains, faith, hope, and charity. Now back in biblical time certain men went out unto the world to prove that God was who He said He was. They were given spiritual gifts and those gifts were to only prove God. In today’s time, the Bible has been written and God has been proven therefore there is no longer a need for those gifts. Jesus came and fulfilled the need for all those gifts. What is remaining of these gifts are just the three.

Faith has been preached in our past sermons several times in the past few months. Faith is great and it’s by faith where salvation is made. Faith is way up towards the top of the list and it’s very important yet love is more important than it. Love exceeds faith beyond any understanding.

Back when God was being proven, prophecies were being made, yet they would soon fail. The speaking of tongues was done also proving God yet they would soon fail. These things would fail once Christ (perfect) would come. They were waiting on Christ. They didn’t have a book like we did to know what was happening or was going to happen. They were writing it physically by doing these things to prove God and Christ’s coming. They were laying the groundwork for a perfect coming. People get hung up on the version of the bible because of the ease of reading however if it was good for them in 1611 then it’s good for us in 2021. The bottom line is if it teaches the truth about Jesus and it convicts the heart then leave it alone.

Someone doesn’t need to tell you something that you didn’t know, prophesying. One doesn’t need a new tongue to be said to prove a point. All that is needed is the three gifts, faith, hope, and love. Faith will get you the love but what changes a person is the love.

People want to see the loaves and fish. They look for the blind to see and the deaf to speak. They think that these things are the greatest miracles yet they are not. Salvation (love) is the greatest miracle ever performed and yet people are looking for more. There is nothing more. Just because one claims they can do these things means nothing if there was no love.

1 John 4:7-10
The test of salvation is not being able to perform some task. The test is love.
God passed out gifts to those once salvation was made. These are listed in 1 Corinthians. Of all the things that the church needs it’s not the things that are no longer needed of the Apostolics gifts. Those gifts are no longer needed. The lost person doesn’t need to see things performed or to be entertained, they need THE Perfect Love.