All Things

November 17 2021
Series: Misc Sermons

We as humans can’t take God and cram Him into our humanly created box. God doesn’t do anything bad, He can not. He’s never made a mistake. He’s never slipped up or say I’m sorry. He’s never said He wished He didn’t do that.

Romans 8:28
First and foremost, this scripture is not written to the lost. It’s written to those that have been born again, saved. All things that happen in your life God will work them for your good. There have probably been times in your life that you’ve questioned God. There isn’t anything that touches you that hasn’t gone through God first. Being a child of God the devil is not allowed to touch you because God will not allow it. It’s hard for us to comprehend those things that are tragic and they come into our lives that God would allow such things. But God works these things for our good. God will never fail you. It’s natural to question God when these things happen because we don’t and can’t understand His sovereignty.

Romans 8:29-30
God is the only one that can foreknow everything. God knows ALL! God knows all in the future, past, and present. God knew you before you were ever born or thought of. It’s not about you but about God.

Romans 8:31-37
God doesn’t do anything that is bad. All things that come into the saved person’s life are always good for them. So if God is for you then who could be against you? Nobody, nothing! There is nothing or nobody that can touch you if you’ve been born again. We are more than conquerors through God that loves us.

Romans 8:38-9

Romans 9:16-17
God is in FULL control! He can do whatever He wants to do however He wants to. Why does God show mercy on the wicked? Why does God save anybody?

2 Corinthians 5:17-18
Once you’ve been born again the old things are put away and you are given ALL new things from God. We blame a lot of things on the devil but if you’re saved he had nothing to do with it. All things are of God. Either He is God or not.