Accepting the Hand Out

August 16 2020
Series: Misc Sermons

Bible Passage: Acts 3:1-10

We want to think of the lame man and being a lost man. There are a few things that we will point out about this man.

Lame from birth
The first things we see is that this man was lame at birth. When we are born, we are born from 2 people that are human. Human being that they are sinners. Sinners by nature we know they came from the original 2 humans, Adam and Eve. We are all born a sinner. Why are we born a sinner? Due to Adam and Eve’s sin God made all humans a sinner because we are all equal. A sin is a sin and that makes us all equals. God then made a way of escape from that sin. Up until the age of accountability if one dies then they will be in Heaven. After accountability, the knowledge of being lost, then if death finds one then Hell will be their eternal home without salvation.

A caring person
We see that there was a person that cared about him and carried him to the temple. Just as this man, there is always someone that cares for you. Are you the one that cares for others? Our job as Christians is to care for others. Now this man was about 40 years old and everyday someone carried him to the temple. These someone’s were committed to carrying him each and everyday. This man didn’t need a doctor because what he had, he had from birth, he was incurable. There is a problem in this world that not a single doctor is able to cure. Sin is something that a doctor can’t get rid of.

This lame man was asking for alms. He thought that is what he needed because there was no cure for his defect. Up until one day, 2 men decided to bring him into the temple. Peter and John didn’t have any money to give but knew what the man really needed. Only the disciples were given the power of what Jesus Christ had and Peter thru Christ gave him something no one else could.

Someone loved you enough to introduce you to Jesus. Jesus is something far better than anything you’ve ever tried or received before. If you are someone that’s been introduced to Jesus but you’ve never received Him, today is your day.